Dr. John Kithaka



“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

My greatest joy is helping people discover their  purpose. When you discover your purpose, you cease struggling in life and you start living in a deliberate and focused way.

When God created you, you came into this world loaded with gifts inside of you. Gifts that you must activate and manifest to live a fulfilled life.  Use your gifts to benefit other people, the world is looking for what you have to offer, make yourself visible and start an incredible journey.

Your gifting is unique, many people struggle to embrace this truth and end up moving with the crowd instead of standing out. My assignment as your mentor is to help you find your compass direction as I walk with you this journey. Some people are called to be great entrepreneurs others great leaders, however, lack of self-discovery, leads  people to live below their potential. As a visionary, leader and mentor, I have discovered that it is more profitable to transform lives than to focus on money. We should align ourselves to adopt a transformational approach to life, always seeking to grow and becoming better, only then shall we be in a position to impact others and generations to come.

Serving others is one sure bet to discovering our gifts and talents. position yourself right, your gift will be identified in the process.

Discover the secret of making money and transform your life”

There are three levels of mentorship; 

  • Economic Mentorship
  • Social Mentorship
  • Spiritual Mentorship

We all need mentors; people who are more experienced and knowledgeable in life we can learn from.  A relationship with an unwritten contract that states that; “I am responsible for your life and I am willing to hold your hand” show me your mentor and I will show you what your future looks like because your mentor will pull your hand to his level, as you draw lessons from their life and learn from their mistakes.

You must also have mentors around your peers, friends who tell you as it is, friends who compete with you, people you are accountable to.

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