Create investments that will last for generations

People have different definitions and understanding of investment. Dr. Kithaka simplifies it. He defines investment as when you invest your time, your resources and your energy in creating a system that shall answer for you, your children and your children’s children across generations. Investment is about creating sustainable wealth economically, socially and spiritually.

Dr. John Kithaka carries vast knowledge of the investment environment and, through the FEP vision, he has pioneered key business investments across major sectors of the economy including Media and technology, financial services and retail, real-estate and security services, hospitality and education.

Dr. Kithaka has shared his investment journey and wisdom gathered over the time, across various media platforms including radio and TV stations, online journals and magazines and even social media.

He has a keen interest in mentoring young investors. He has achieved this through the introduction of youth focused programs under the FEP Vision, aimed at building investment leaders across institutions of higher learning in Kenya and beyond.

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FEP Group Strategic Vision (Vision 2015)

2002 – 2020

Mission: Transform communities and livelihoods by empowering entrepreneurs and investors through pooling and investing resources in an in optional, innovative and sustainable way.

Vision: Individuals and communities in Kenya and beyond living holistic and dignified lives through the generations.

Motto: “Power of Many”

Dream: A Proud Indigenously Transformed Kenya- “A Kenya of Employees and Traders to a Kenya of Employers and Investors”

Slogan: “Investing Innovatively & Sustainably”

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