Let’s inspire your greatness from the inside out

Dr. John Kithaka is a powerful keynote and transformational speaker with a captivating, engaging and unique style. He shares messages of hope, transformation and success to transform and motivate your audience to maximum performance and unparalleled results.

For years Dr. Kithaka has studied the inner aspects of what holds people from achieving their best and the internal driving powers that create maximum success. He has mastered evidence based insights to help people release whatever is holding them back and shows them how to quickly effect mind shifts needed to achieve their goals and dreams.

Some of the things you expect your audience to learn:

-MASTER the key disciplines required to invest wisely and increase productivity in life

-TRANSITION from where they are to where they want to be easily and effectively

-FOCUS using proven techniques to zero in on achieving specific goals and objectives in life

-VISUALIZE specific outcomes to maximize their brain innate abilities


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